Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hero loves Eminem. Enough said.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Secret Society

I've always wanted a Keebler elf friend. We could be buds and live in a tree. Making fudge cookies.

Karate, chop, peace

Once upon a weee day in the yesteryears, Hero decided she liked a scrawny ass boy whose name shall be Caca. SOOO. We were in access class and I was trying to comfort her into making a complete fool of herself... heeheehee. JUST KIDDING. I actually thought it could work with this Caca, so I said some things that could boost her confidence. I offered some advice, saying things such as if he says no to going out, you can say well "karate chop peace little man!! Your loss!! You're just a Yankee Doodle Dandee, so go jump on your horse with your feather and GET ON IT FOOO!! Then leave with your dignity Hero, and the world will all ooooohhh and ahhhhhhhh in your comeback cause it's the greatest comeback of all eternity. HOWEVER, if you get CACA, good for you!!" Later, Caca stayed true to his name and was Caca cause he was scrawny and well, caca-ish. (: But it's okay cause she'll always have her lame friends!!!

Although, I don't understand why they don't agree with me that the hottest guy in the world. THEY ARE ALL MISSING OUT. BUT HE IS MINE.

Thank you for listening all of our friends...

Monday, July 12, 2010


As you have noticed so far, most of our insane and stupid stories involve Braylin. And I am here to tell you that that is for good reason, I think Braylin is certifiably crazy. (Not really!)

We think that most of the time that Braylin has no common sense. Which makes for incredibly interesting time-and stories!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cat Hole

Braylin has a cat named Moxie. Moxie has a litterbox room. She also has a cat door to get into the room.

And being Braylin, she decided that she wanted to say goodnight to her cat while Moxie was using the litter box room. Instead of using the human door, she decided that the best decision would be to stick her head through the cat door to say goodnight.

Realizing her head was stuck, she called to her sister in the other room: "Ally..."

"I am not helping you get your head out of the cat door!"

"How did you know that I had my head in the cat door?"

"Braylin, really?"

All the while Siren just watched and laughed at Braylin.
Eventually, her dad down came down, rolled his eyes and shook his head, but he still helped her.

Friday, June 25, 2010

When Ceiling Fans Attack

Once Upon A Time...

BASH got together for another birthday party, Arabella's.
Only a mere 30 minutes into the party, Braylin decides that throwing a pillow at Arabella's fan to see where it landed would be fun.
A loud cracking noise was followed by the light flickering before going out completely.
Everyone screamed and ran out of the room, except for Siren, who hid under Arabella's bunk bed.
The fan made loud sounds, as if was about to explode, or at least fall off of the ceiling and chop off their heads.
A blade flew off and hit the wall before landing loudly on the floor.
"Way to go, Braylin." Said Hero.
"Geez, freaking kill us all, why don't ya?" Said Siren
Arabella just laughed, although we all know she was secretly plotting her revenge.
To this day, Arabella has a broken fan and a vengeance.



Aren't these headphones way legit? I think they are :)
-- Hero

Tiny Towel

Once Upon A Time....

It was Hero's birthday.
She decided to have a pool party at a hotel.
After they swam and everyone got out to have cake, Braylin spotted a couple hot guys (well, hot in her eyes, anyway)
They were walking out the front doors of the hotel.
Apparently the only logical thing for Braylin to do was run after them out into the parking lot while ripping off her towel and swinging it above her head like a lasso.
The guys got into their car, locked the doors, and drove off as quickly as possible.

--- Hero

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cheese Fight

Once upon a time...
Hero and Braylin helped with their church's Vacation Bible School.
They helped Hero's grandma with dealing out the snacks to the kids.
One day, the snack involved spray cheese.
There were several extra cans, so Hero had an idea that sounded great at the time.
After the last group of kids had their snack, Hero and Braylin would take part in an epic Spray Cheese Fight.
Hero ran into the kitchen at the end of the day as planned and grabbed the extra cans of cheese.
She threw Braylin a couple of cans and the fight began.
The kids egged them on.
A strange boy named Colin (he had a thing for Hero) begged for Hero to throw him a can of spray cheese so that he could join in on the epic spraying fun.
Hero ignored him.
Hero's grandma and the director of the camp came out of the kitchen right then to see what all the commotion was.
"Hero! Who did this?!" Asked the camp director.
"Braylin and I..." Replied Hero.
"Oh! Thank goodness! I thought the kids had done it! Clean up the mess, please." Is all the director said before retreating to the kitchen with Hero's grandma once again.
Little did Braylin and Hero know that in 20 minutes a group picture of the helpers of the camp was going to be taken.
Once the cheese was cleaned up off the floor, Braylin and Hero ran to the bathroom to get as much of the cheese off of their clothes and out of their hair as possible.
The group picture still sits in Hero's room today as a reminder of the infamous Cheese Fight.

-- Hero

The Micheal Jackson Fight

So one day while sitting in World Literature, Braylin and I get on the topic of Micheal Jackson. ( Braylin loves him, while I hate him.)

And I say something like,"God, I hate Micheal Jackson. I'm glad he's dead."

Braylin is totally not having any of that, so she says, "Micheal Jackson is going to come back from the grave for saying that!"

"Yes Braylin, Micheal Jackson is going to come back from the dead to haunt me. Why would he haunt me when he could haunt all the little boys that he sexually molested!"

"No really he is going to haunt you."

And of course we're getting rather loud at this point, so our teacher chimes in: " Girls enough!" In a way that only a teacher can.

-- Siren