Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Micheal Jackson Fight

So one day while sitting in World Literature, Braylin and I get on the topic of Micheal Jackson. ( Braylin loves him, while I hate him.)

And I say something like,"God, I hate Micheal Jackson. I'm glad he's dead."

Braylin is totally not having any of that, so she says, "Micheal Jackson is going to come back from the grave for saying that!"

"Yes Braylin, Micheal Jackson is going to come back from the dead to haunt me. Why would he haunt me when he could haunt all the little boys that he sexually molested!"

"No really he is going to haunt you."

And of course we're getting rather loud at this point, so our teacher chimes in: " Girls enough!" In a way that only a teacher can.

-- Siren