Thursday, July 15, 2010

Karate, chop, peace

Once upon a weee day in the yesteryears, Hero decided she liked a scrawny ass boy whose name shall be Caca. SOOO. We were in access class and I was trying to comfort her into making a complete fool of herself... heeheehee. JUST KIDDING. I actually thought it could work with this Caca, so I said some things that could boost her confidence. I offered some advice, saying things such as if he says no to going out, you can say well "karate chop peace little man!! Your loss!! You're just a Yankee Doodle Dandee, so go jump on your horse with your feather and GET ON IT FOOO!! Then leave with your dignity Hero, and the world will all ooooohhh and ahhhhhhhh in your comeback cause it's the greatest comeback of all eternity. HOWEVER, if you get CACA, good for you!!" Later, Caca stayed true to his name and was Caca cause he was scrawny and well, caca-ish. (: But it's okay cause she'll always have her lame friends!!!

Although, I don't understand why they don't agree with me that the hottest guy in the world. THEY ARE ALL MISSING OUT. BUT HE IS MINE.

Thank you for listening all of our friends...