Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Cheese Fight

Once upon a time...
Hero and Braylin helped with their church's Vacation Bible School.
They helped Hero's grandma with dealing out the snacks to the kids.
One day, the snack involved spray cheese.
There were several extra cans, so Hero had an idea that sounded great at the time.
After the last group of kids had their snack, Hero and Braylin would take part in an epic Spray Cheese Fight.
Hero ran into the kitchen at the end of the day as planned and grabbed the extra cans of cheese.
She threw Braylin a couple of cans and the fight began.
The kids egged them on.
A strange boy named Colin (he had a thing for Hero) begged for Hero to throw him a can of spray cheese so that he could join in on the epic spraying fun.
Hero ignored him.
Hero's grandma and the director of the camp came out of the kitchen right then to see what all the commotion was.
"Hero! Who did this?!" Asked the camp director.
"Braylin and I..." Replied Hero.
"Oh! Thank goodness! I thought the kids had done it! Clean up the mess, please." Is all the director said before retreating to the kitchen with Hero's grandma once again.
Little did Braylin and Hero know that in 20 minutes a group picture of the helpers of the camp was going to be taken.
Once the cheese was cleaned up off the floor, Braylin and Hero ran to the bathroom to get as much of the cheese off of their clothes and out of their hair as possible.
The group picture still sits in Hero's room today as a reminder of the infamous Cheese Fight.

-- Hero