Friday, June 25, 2010

When Ceiling Fans Attack

Once Upon A Time...

BASH got together for another birthday party, Arabella's.
Only a mere 30 minutes into the party, Braylin decides that throwing a pillow at Arabella's fan to see where it landed would be fun.
A loud cracking noise was followed by the light flickering before going out completely.
Everyone screamed and ran out of the room, except for Siren, who hid under Arabella's bunk bed.
The fan made loud sounds, as if was about to explode, or at least fall off of the ceiling and chop off their heads.
A blade flew off and hit the wall before landing loudly on the floor.
"Way to go, Braylin." Said Hero.
"Geez, freaking kill us all, why don't ya?" Said Siren
Arabella just laughed, although we all know she was secretly plotting her revenge.
To this day, Arabella has a broken fan and a vengeance.